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Black Dragon’s Taste

"Is there a new book with Dragon in it?" Im Jinha, a representative actor of Korea. In actuality, he is obsessed with fantasy novels featuring dragons. Only one person, Cha Yul-ri, knows that secret. Cha Yul-ri, a new lawyer who has just stepped into society. Strange things unfold in front of her, who should be more rational than anyone else. It shouldn’t rain indoors, and there shouldn’t be a thousand-year-old imoogi to kidnap her. What’s a dragon in the 21st century? What’s a killer? "Cha Yul-ri. Aren’t you interested in dragons?" "I’m not interested in reptiles..." "A dragon is not a reptile." "Oh, really? Then what is it? Amphibians?" "It’s not an amphibian either. It’s just... It’s just, just a dragon..."

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